Angels Defined
By: Lois Martin


Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are assigned before your birth

In an oath to stay with you throughout life on earth

You’re their only child, whom they nurture and love

Each one assigned to you has been sent from above



The most intimidating and revered for sure 

With protection, they’ll guide and inspire you more

For their unique archetype, they love to bring relief

Though they’re busy, they’ll aid and keep you in belief


Helper Angels

Like a freelance employee, they wait for your hire

Experts in all possible, yet never expire

No matter what your desire, they’re there to assist

Happily waiting for when you let them enlist


Flower Angels

Just like flowers, beauty is where these angels thrive

Issuing ways to help nature truly survive

Through our thoughts and feelings, leading us to do right

With more beauty in our life prepared to take flight


Peace Angels

No matter what the challenges we come to face

Peace angels help assure that they soon with erase 

Standing right by your side from the start to the end

They’ll help weather the storm, like a calming, great friend


Star Angels

You will be listened to when you wish on a star 

As star angels are there to help take your goals far

Helping jumpstart your dreams and continue to sail

With you through it all, and seeing that you won’t fail!


Power Angels

Stepping into occasions, prepared for the thrill

Power Angels will help remind us of free will

Making sure we don’t forget how strong we are, too

Seeing that we’re aware of what we’re built to do


Messenger Angels

Between heaven and earth, Messenger angels share

Any insights from heaven are instantly there

Seeing our prayers are heard by the right helper’s ears

So we can be supported without any fears


Angels of Mercy

Known for miracles and guiding through the tough times

Shining healing light so that your wellness soon climbs

Brining mercy when needed the most in your life

Showing you that you’ll make it, regardless the strife


Healing Angels 

Healing Angels go with you when you seek support

Physical, emotional–really any sort!

They can provide guidance for the best way to heal

Assisting you or others, too with endless zeal!


Abundance Angels

We are blessed with Abundance and can call, indeed

Providing enough to help get us through any need

From opportunities to time and joy also

You can reach out and they will help your life to grow!

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